Chief Information Security Officer

Managing information security and business continuity planning, and managing information security risks is a legal, moral and business obligation of every organization and society. This requires the expertise and expertise of the Information Security Manager.

Therefore, an increasing number of companies, due to the demands of the legislature, need to create a job position intended for managing, coordinating and supervising - CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

In smaller companies, for the sake of better cost management, the CISO workplace is often outsourced to get the job done by a qualified person or a company.

The Feralis Center offers the opportunity to hire an IT college graduate professional, a certified Microsoft trainer and Lead Auditor of ISO standards, with considerable experience in both small and very demanding large infrastructures

CISO manages all aspects of information security and conducts appropriate risk assessments and implementation of security measures and participates in the process of compliance, coordinating and supervision of all aspects of managing the information security of a company and its responsibilities relate to:

  • defining and implementing control and surveillance activities to prevent the occurrence of security incidents and to identify events that pose a potential threat to the information system,
  • defining and harmonizing the rules, policies, guidelines and other acts related to information security of the company in accordance with the law and regulatory rules of supervisory bodies;
  • periodic implementation of information system risk assessment;
  • drafting reports;
  • offering guidance;
  • employee training and development.


Pursuant to the Law on Cyber Security of the Key Services Operators and Digital Service Providers, a Regulation on Cyber Security of the Key Services and Digital Service Providers (OG 68/2018) was adopted laying down measures for achieving a high level of cyber security for the key service operators, their implementation, criteria to identify incidents that have a significant impact on the provision of key services, the content of notifications, and other relevant incident reporting issues.

The sectors covered by the Act are energy (electricity, oil, gas), transport (air, rail, water, road), banking, financial market infrastructures, health sector, drinking water supply and distribution, digital infrastructure, digital services, and business services for state bodies.


CISO Monthly rental offers - determined upon submission of the required information
Consultation - £45 per hour
The CISO service can be merged with the DPO (Data Protection Officer) service into a single service package.