Article 77 of the Applied GDPR and Regulation 122 of the Implementing Regulations allow individuals to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner (AZOP) about a controller or processor if they consider that an infringement of the "data protection legislation" has occurred in connection with their personal data.

The Commissioner is required to investigate the subject matter of complaints to the extent appropriate and inform the complainant of the progress and the outcome of the investigation within a 'reasonable period', in particular if further investigation or coordination with another supervisory authority.

Feralis provides:

  • Filing a complaint

  • Filing a complaint with a supervisory authority

  • Filing complaint relative to personal data processing

A non-profit body, organization or association established in accordance with a law may, under power of attorney, represent the respondents' interests in the field of personal data protection, or initiate legal proceedings with the Data Protection Agency (AZOP) if it has the authority to represent it and the Agency will undertake a procedure and on the basis of all the established facts and circumstances will reach a verdict and appropriate measure if there has been a violation of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Once a procedure is undertaken in which the personal data breach has been established, the right to compensation before the competent court is accomplished.

In case when it is considered that there has been processing of personal data which does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and breaches of the rights guaranteed by it, the Feralis Center may be authorized to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Agency (AZOP). An application for protection of rights may be submitted by any person who considers that his or her personal data are not processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Request submission - queries with the required information: identification information, contact information, name and identification of a business entity deemed not to process data in accordance with GDPR, description of a personal data breach - the reason for complaint;

  • After a positive response to the request-inquiry submitted, a power of attorney will be submitted to file a complaint with the AZOP;

  • Submission of the signed power of attorney will be followed by the submission of the Complaint to the AZOP;

  • The follow-up to the completion of the procedure, until the delivery of the AZOP Decision
Pursuant to Article 80, and Article 77 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in accordance with AZOP's written instruction to the Center from 31 December 2019, an individual may authorize the Feralis Center to file a complaint on his/her behalf with the Data Protection Agency (AZOP). The Center is authorized solely to file complaints with the AZOP.